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Digital Transformation Using RPA

In the last couple of years the way we do business has changed completely. The market is going digital, customer are more demanding and less loyal expecting to get the best service, at a cheap price whenever and in the way they will decide to communicate with the company.


New businesses build their entire IT infrastructure based on web applications, providing customers with top quality digital services with attractive prices having no back-office processes they need to fund.

Although traditional businesses provides customers with much higher level of service, they are reliable, professional and usually well respected, the new digital businesses take significant market share.

RPA enables traditional businesses to enhance their existing high quality services with enhanced digital services on top of their stable existing traditional IT infrastructure.

RPA serves as a holistic layer on top of the existing business core applications buffering between self service channels and advanced digital channels such as chat bots, mobile apps and websites extracting relevant information and automate actions in the existing applications allowing traditional businesses to provide 24/7 advanced digital services with minimal investment and in a very short time.

Valor assists many traditional businesses with building their digital transformation strategy using RPA on top of their existing IT infrastructure. contact us for more details.

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