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About Valor

Who We Are

Valor Automation Solutions was founded in 2018 by Einat Steiner and David Biran, RPA global experts with over 10 years of experience in selling, designing and  delivering top quality RPA projects. 

  • Einat has managed eglue\NICE RPA global QA department, EMEA’s Support and EMEA’s professional services team. She established NICE major global accounts CoEs .

  • David was a major player in the team established NICE RPA customer base in Europe. He was leading the RPA sales of major global accounts and designed top quality automation strategy to many of them.

Our Experience

We are experts in selling, designing and delivering tailored made automation projects addressing customer’s long and short term targets. Our 10 + years of experience allows us designing automation projects starting with low hanging fruits for quick ROI followed by a strategic digital transformation change. 

Our Approach for System Integrators

Sell first, invest later. We believe in progressive approach. First we will act as your RPA team of experts assisting you to wining major deals. We will lead the RPA sales, business analysis, PoCs and pilots. Based on your preferences and the existing team, we will coach your people on the go, assist with training, enabling and knowledge transfer so you will have the best team internally. 


When needed, we always can support you with any RPA related training, coaching, outsourcing so the top priority is to have the best internal team, but when needed, we will be your backup plan. 

Our Approach for End Customers

RPA is a perfect enabler for many business transformation processes you would like to achieve. It has many advantages but also limitations and challenges. Regardless if you are scouting for your first RPA investment, or already having RPA in the organisation, the most important factor for a successful implementation is design, focus and constant monitoring. 

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