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Boost RPA Sales for System Integrators

The RPA market is constantly growing and according to many market researches will continue growing in the next five years. There are many good RPA solutions and many more System Integrators providing RPA services.

The RPA market is more mature these days and potential customers are no longer looking for the cheapest professional services provider, but a best advisor to guide them and define the best RPA strategy for them starting with an initial profitable project followed by additional phases toward a strategic company transformation.

It is challenging for System Integrators with no RPA experience to penetrate the market and position themselves as a value added partner to potential customers. RPA sales depends heavily on experienced RPA consultants with excellent understanding of the RPA advantages and limitations and extensive experience with its business impact. 

The initial investment in establishing a team of RPA experts deterrent many System Integrators in entering this growing market.

Valor developed a unique value proposition for System Integrators allowing them to become RPA experts immediately with no need to establish a costly team of experts. Our founders has 10+ years of experience in designing selling and delivering top quality global RPA projects. From day 1 we will act as your RPA sales experts team. We will work together on the RPA pipeline, build the RPA strategy together and act as your team of Experts so immediately you will have global RPA experts working with you and selling significant projects. We will train your people and provide all services needed using our people. Once you acquired the first customers and would like to build your internal developers team, we will assist with teaching, guiding and coaching your team so you will have a top performing team once you sold the first projects.

We have several collaboration methods with System Integrators, contact us for more details.

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