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Europe · USA

Valor Automation Solutions is a boutique RPA consulting firm. Our message is simple and clear. We assist our customers to define their RPA strategy and plan the journey to best achieve it.

Our Headquarters are in Israel, we have expert teams in several locations in Europe and USA 

Valor's Offering

Our Servuces
First RPA Journey 

How companies should start their first RPA journey and key factors for successful and scalable RPA projects

Expand Existing RPA Projects

RPA enables advanced digital services easily, for banks, insurance companies and other traditional companies. 

RPA for Digital Transformation

RPA enables traditional Banks, Insurance Companies, Telcos etc. providing digital services easily

RPA One Stop Shop

We provide a full RPA service support including implementers, Business Analysts, Technical Experts and more

RPA for System

Sell first, invest later.

We will design and sell the best RPA projects for your customers while coaching your team.

Valor RPA Academy

Valor RPA Academy is a leading education center enabling advanced RPA roles such as Business Analysts, RPA PMs etc.

Digital Transformation based on RPA

Provide extensive Digital Services to your customers using RPA on top of your existing IT systems, quickly and efficiently.

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates


Valor at a Glance

Valor automation solutions is a consulting group assisting companies boosting their RPA, Digital transformation and AI business. We have a proven track record of identifying customers' main challenges and analyzing how to solve them using specific automation solution. We have extensive experience in designing and leading quick and successful automation transformation projects. 

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